Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Say hello to my new baby!

Here's some ultrasound pics, only likely of interest to family members and the like. Junior's got all the right pieces and parts, as far as we can know at this point. Here's a profile:
facing up

We got one of those neat 3d ones done. It's so incredible- you can totally see your baby just swimming around in there! The scans are a little murky, but here's the one I thought was the best:

3d, facing a little to the left

And finally, we're one of those modern couples that likes to find out the gender. Warning- this may not be suitable for some viewers.

The arrow is pointing to the reason the guy running the machine was 98% sure it's a boy:
go ask your mother

Congratulations! When is your wife due? Is this your first?

I can't wait to have my first ultrasound, hopefully in a couple weeks.
Congratulations Matt!
Thanks! Andrea's due at the end of May.
Congratulations. A boy! Wow, that is great. Let me be the first to suggest the name Ebenezer. I am sure that Andrea will love the name as much as my wife did.
Wow, Ebenezer! What a great name! "Stone of remembering". And we could call him Ben.

But yeah, Andrea will never go for it.
Congratulations Matt.
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