Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fatalism and Sovereignty 

The believer in God's sovereignty is often called a fatalist or a determinist.  Sometimes Christians, stung by this criticism, react by somehow reducing God's control over all things, through language like "God allows bad things to happen" or similar ideas.  But the real difference between fatalism and Biblical sovereignty is merely this- fatalism teaches that all things happen for impersonal and abstract reasons, and we are simply caught in the machine.  One should not resist one's fate because there is no point.  The Biblical understanding of God's sovereignty, however, teaches that all things happen for the good of God's elect people.  One should not resist the will of God because there is no point, but also because the will of God is for my good, for my salvation.  Fatalism is impersonal, but God's sovereign rule is very personal and benevolent.  This is a world of difference.

"Our generation is going through the final convulsions of the dying world of capitalism. That's what it says here. If you don't believe that pamphlet"

trying to find what this is from keeps bringing me back to you guys.
care to point me towards a video?
"First World Problem" from MC Frontalot is where I got it. But in that song it sounds like it's a clip from something else, and I don't know what that something else is.
well i can tell its an excerpt from a video so id like to track that down.
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